Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 19th 2010 - 365

I met with Beth and Jess at McDonalds for breakfast this morning with their kidlets.
You can totally see when you take their pictures that they are "Scrapbookers Kids".....both R and S turned to look at the camera after the first shot.
Sophie will learn to pose and smile SOON, I hope.
I am so thankful to have new friends, but even more thankful that they have children that are close to my children's ages! This is a weekly occurance - the meeting at McD's to let the children run off steam in the playgound. Then we cover them in hand sanitizer and head home for naptime! It is a great time to get out with the girls and chat while the kids play. What fun we ALL get to have. On top of that, I found out today that McD's coffee isn't too bad! I am shocked! It isn't comparable to Timmy's but at least it isn't like Starbucks and causes me to cringe every time I take a sip! So, yay! Add to that the Cinnamon bites and the entire morning awesome (I have to tell you that I didn't even feel sick after eating there like I usually do = success!!!).
Off to put the princess to bed, afterall, she is tuckered out! Thanks R and S for getting her tired!

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