Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 17 of 365

We are half way through the month of January and I am sticking to this challenge. I may be a little late with the blogging. but at least I am taking pictures everyday of everything that I am doing! Today is LAUNDRY DAY.....can you believe it? Boring old laundry.....well, I take the time while the laundry is washing to do all kinds of other things throughout the house - sometimes cleaning, sometimes I even take a nap. spend time with Ben and the kidlets and sometimes I scrapbook. It is probably the only chore I really don't hate all that much. It is the folding and hanging of the clothes I really don't like. So monotonous and then it sits there waiting for Ben or Nathan to take it upstairs....or me to take it up there to put away. I dread that part....putting it all away.

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