Thursday, January 13, 2011

365: Handsome Man O' Mine....

Even if he IS gaming, he always has that handsome smile for me. I love this man! He is a fantastic father and an even better husband. The things I love about this man are endless and I can't picture my life without him. Ben has this steady, confident calmness about him and I love that. He is also the exact opposite of me and balances me out.
He is amazing....simply amazing.

I love you so much Ben...Always and Forever.
Until next time....Keep Scrappin'!



S said...

It's a blessing when your better half complements and balances you, isn't it. My, T, is like that too -- unfortunately he's a little addicted to online gaming too - which I completely do not get!

Cyn M said...

Is he a World Of Warcraft kind of guy or other games? Isn't it strange? I am sure they think that way about our scrapbooking though! ;)
As for the really is complementary how well he matches in an "opposite" sort of way!