Friday, December 31, 2010

The End of 2010.....

I hate to say this, but I am glad that 2010 is coming to a close! What a year we have had!

We have had a lot going on this year starting with Ben being laid off in November 2009. Starting 2010 off without a job was actually a blessing in disguise! Ben was able to be home with Sophie and I for 2 full months when I needed him the most with a 6 week old and recovering from the c-section.

There have been a lot of changes since January, including Ben going to work full-time (contract) for ATS at the Caterpillar plant (in Griffin) in February, my Skyline Scrapbooking retreat in April with Sophie, Nathan finishing Kindergarten in May, Ben getting a job working for Caterpillar full-time (and permanent) in September, Skyline Scrapbooking retreat in October for me and our move to our new home in Hampton, GA the first weekend in November. Nathan started at his new school in Hampton and is doing extremely well in the new environment. I am impressed with how resilient he is and how he has adapted to his new home too. Sophie began climbing the stairs almost immediately after moving into the new house and has been walking to her destinations. Long gone are the days of scooting everywhere. I miss that scoot....Now, she gets into anything and everything!!!!
Ben and I are doing very well. Ben seems to be MUCH happier than he was at Arriscraft and I have to admit, I hear more about his days now than I ever did when he was working at Arriscraft. He really likes the people he works with at Caterpillar and even though he is now the Facilities Engineer there and super busy, he comes home with a smile on his face. That is a GOOD thing. Nathan has become a little "gamer" like his daddy and they spend a lot of time playing the wii and on his handheld gaming systems. He also enjoys reading, which makes me super happy. I am so glad he inherited that from me....I love a good book! Nathan is very smart, loving and caring. I love that he comes up to me and just hugs me for no reason and tells me "I love you mummy". Sophie has been coming along into her own and is the apple of her daddy's eye. She says DADA and speaks her own little language. She does point to everything that she wants and if you are wrong about what she is pointing at, you hear about it. She is quite funny and has her own little quirks. She is quite the ham when she wants to be too. We love them both very much and surprisingly enjoy having a baby in the house again. Who knew? Although, Sophie is now a toddler and those baby days are over.....
As for us as a family, we have taken our trips to Canada this year (with Ben's limited vacation, we have spent more time in Georgia). Ben's mom had a stroke in early 2010 and then was re-diagnosed with cancer. Her breast cancer metastasized to her left thigh bone and she had rods put in her leg to stabilize the hip and the femur. Margie is a strong woman who I have so much admiration for. She is so strong and stubborn and will not let this cancer defeat her. A woman of strength and definitely the woman in Proverbs 31. I have found that over this past year, I have grown a lot closer to her and I am very thankful for her and for this closeness. I have been blessed with wonderful MIL whom I love dearly. Who would have thought that for my 35th birthday I would ask my parents for flights to go see my MIL?!?! So, we flew up and stayed with them. She really enjoyed having the kids there (and us) and we had a great visit. Even though it was a short one. We went up the American Thanksgiving but it was a short trip and we only saw family. Ben only had 3 days left of vacation to take, so that is where we went. Again, we stayed with Margie and Wayne and had a great visit.

Here's a "first" for us: we spent our Christmas without our extended family in our new home by ourselves. It was awesome! It even snowed for us on Christmas night and made us feel like we were "home".

It has been a really nice Christmas for us to not go anywhere and just enjoy hanging out in our pajamas or comfy clothes as a family.

So, as we finish out 2010, I am praying that this year will bring less changes and more comfort than 2010, blessings beyond measure and overall content for our entire family and friends. Happy New Year All!


S said...

First Christmas in your new home; that's a wonderful thing for your family. Hope 2011 brings even more blessings your way.

Cyn M said...

Thanks so much! You are too sweet!!! I hope that you and yours are blessed in 2011 and the years to come!