Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Additions to Me: The Abridged Version.....

A word that I use ALL.THE.TIME! No, I don’t live in Canada anymore, but it is a part of me, through and through. People around me always repeat it when I say it, like they never knew I was Canadian or something! What’s up with that? What makes me laugh the most is when someone, who isn’t Canadian, tries to use it and uses it the wrong way! It drives me up the wall. I say it so often that I don’t even know I am using it until someone says with a laugh “Eh! You said “eh”. You’re not Canadian are ya?” Um, YES, yes, I am!
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Canon Snob

I’ll admit it….I’m a snob! A Canon snob, that is. Every camera that I have ever owned has been a Canon. Whether it was a film camera or a digital camera….even our video cameras have been Canons. The quality of a Canon camera is just above the rest in my humble opinion. I sent away my older Canon because the door that holds the batteries in broke off one of the little latches to hold it shut. They replaced it for FREE and sent it back to me! How awesome is that?!?! As for the camera I have now…’s a G9. A “point and shoot” digital camera and I LOVE it! It takes the best photos and I don’t have to do much to get a great shot. I have to admit, that the abuse it has taken over the last 2 years has been a bit much. But it has survived the falls, the beach, the birth of a baby, being splashed by water and even was left out in the Georgia heat for the afternoon and it still shot fabulous photos! LOVE my CANON! I have a secret though…ssshhh! In my wallet, you will find a picture of my new-found “camera-candy”……the Canon Rebel T2i. Of course….it HAD to be a CANON!
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A word I use on a regular basis when I think something is awesome or great. I tend to mash-up words and use them in everyday conversations…on purpose and sometimes, by accident. Another word I use is compliments of my dear hubby, Ben – “crap-tacular”. When he has had a crappy day or a crazy day, it is crap-tacular. At a crop recently, I was told I had to try the brownies that this little lady made and they were “Orgasmic Brownies” and YES, they were THAT good! Now, the first time I ever walked into an Archiver’s store in Atlanta, I had a “scrap-gasm” and I am sure that I am not the first person to use that word, but it has been added to my “mashed-up” quirky vocabulary!
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Liberty :) said...

hiya!! looking forward to seeing more of your album! im from the MeTav class too!! :)

Stacey said...

LOL. I have never heard that Canadian's say "eh." How is it used? :) Love your post!! Made me smile. :)

Cyn M said...

Stacey - I say "eh" all the time.

That was a great game, eh?
Totally cool, eh?

I write it a lot even when messaging my friends or on message boards. Keep an eye out for it! ;)

I am glad I could make you smile!