Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And so it begins.....

The writing process of Me: The Abridged Version is probably the hardest for me. I know that I blog and I write like I talk, but talking about ME is harder than I thought! I mean, I know me. I have lived with me for 35 years...why can't I get it out on paper already? I mean, SHEESH!

I am so much better at telling the stories from retreats or about the kidlets. I just don't usually talk about little 'ol me. You know?

Here is something I have written so far....of course it is about NATHAN....my first child, but it is the top entry on my "N" Page"
Born at 5:10 pm on Monday August 16, 2004, weighing 8 lbs 11 oz. and 21 3/4 inches long....sound effects included. He is probably the happiest kid I know! Nathan has the best smile that shows off the dimples he inherited from me. He received the "Laffy Taffy" award last year because he giggles from his head to his toes. I love his laugh and every time I hear it, it makes me smile. His big brown eyes tell you everything when he looks at you, even when he says nothing at all. I have a feeling those eyes and that smile will cause a lot of broken hearts when he's older....something I am not looking forward to at all. Man! He is smart too! Sometimes I think too smart for his own good. He inherited "the smarts" from Ben. It's like he has a semi-photographic memory or something, he picks things up so quickly! It amazes me how fast he learns a new task. Put him in front of a video game and he can master it within an hour or two...that's BEN. And when he gets frustrated...look out! Here comes the anger and the tears.....that's ME. Nathan is just a perfect little mix of Ben and I and I just ADORE him.....even if he drives me up the wall sometimes with his incessant chatter and noise-making. I did say he comes with sound effects, eh?

I love you Nathan....all the way around the Universe and back.
Love Mummy 9/21/2010
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