Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Time....

Ben and I were talking in bed last night and he was surprised by what I had to say:

I told him that I was content with our life.....

Why is that so surprising?

This weekend, we spent sitting at home and chill'axin the weekend away. Took naps when we wanted, ate when we were hungry, played when we wanted......what's not to like? We have a pool in the backyard (which is kinda green right now, but can be fixed by a yellow jug of chlorine put in it and the filter running for a little while) that we can play in, books to read alone or together, we have a wii to play games on as a family, we have cards and board games sitting on the baker's rack in the kitchen that we can play at a moment's notice. We have food in the pantry and fridge and I have three of the most important people in my life right there in the same house....... Of course I am content.....who wouldn't be?????

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