Sunday, August 22, 2010

Croppin' With Friends...

Man did I ever need some "Girl Time"!Went to Christy and Craig's house in Acworth to hang out with the girls and get a little scrapbooking done. Mainly, I spent the time chatting and yes, I did a few 8x8 layouts for my 52 Blessings album. What a great time and I slept like the dead that night! Christy's spare room was HEAVEN when we finally dragged our bums to bed! Max was playing with Sophie at one point so that I could get some stuff done and when he got up to walk into the kitchen she cried..... I think she likes him!!! Max did a great job with her! He will totally be hired again!

Thanks Christy and Gee Family! It was a blast and I hope we do it again soon, eh?

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