Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Use Your Stash Challenge - July Edition....

Yes, I am posting a REAL Challenge for you!

A dear SS Sister, AMSWAY passed away very recently. I thought that since we all have loved her and continue to love her even in passing, the best way to pay our respects is to use her wonderful sketches. Post them to your blog, your facebook photos or on Scrapshare in the Gallery and put a link in the comment of this blog post.

Here is the beginning of the Amsway Sketch Challenge Thread that Cowtown Stacy started back in 2008:
Originally Posted by Cowtown Stacy:
To honor Amy and to let her know that she's in our hearts and prayers, Theresa G and I are hosting an Amsway Sketch Challenge. It's Amy's fervent desire that her sketches be published, and this is the first step to making that happen. We think she'll be encouraged just knowing that we're moving forward with her dream! It will also encourage her to know that she is thought of
and prayed for on a continual basis as scrappers around the world use her sketches over the next few weeks.Here's how you can participate. Go to 
Amy's blog and choose a sketch or two or twenty. All 40 of her sketches are posted there. Then make some time to sit and scrap - reconnecting with your memories, using your stash, and lifting prayers/thoughts for our dear Amy. As you complete the layouts, post them in the SS Gallery, and make sure to tag them with the "Amsway Sketches" tag. Be as descriptive as you can as you enter your layout; this will make the process much easier when we get closer to publication time. Also, come here and post that you've added an Amsway sketch to the gallery. It'll remind people to go look, and it'll also keep this thread popping to the top for others to find. Details about publication will come later. For now, let's just do this for Amy. Go SCRAP!
I think we need to do this for Amy and use our stash! Go to it girls!!!
I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!



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