Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rest In Peace, Dear Friend.....

We met on a message board that I talk about all.the.time: ScrapShare. We finally met "in real life" at a scrapbooking retreat in Florida in September 2008 and were roomies at the Texas retreat in November 2008. Susan Marie Andrews was a wonderful woman. She stood strong in her faith and her relationship with God came first and foremost. Her husband Mitch, and her two girls, Katie and Bekah, were her pride and joy. A woman passionate about God and her family until the end. She died suddenly yesterday (July 19 2010) and we are all mourning the loss of a passionate, caring, loving, patient, loyal friend and "scrappy sister". On a more personal level, Susan and Mitch stayed with us on their way to a Gator game in Atlanta and seeing the two of them together, I could see how in love she was with Mitch. They would be celebrating 25 years married next year and she always felt such love for him and beamed whenever she would talk about Mitch. I admired her strength and the way she handled every situation with grace. She was always the prayer warrior for all of us on ScrapShare and her presence will be missed terribly on the board. She was a very loyal friend and would stand by your side no matter what. I loved that about her.
I will miss you dear friend, I love you!

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