Thursday, February 11, 2010

*8 Things Thursday

Well, I have decided that I will try this *8 Things list making thing. I got the idea from Magpie-Girl and I have to admit that it is really kind of fun! It lets me make a list (which I do on a daily basis - probably a few times a day) and give my brain a "mental jog".

So, here goes my first list.....

*8 Things - To Minimize
  1. Facebook Time - Yes, I spend a lot of time on Facebook catching up on people's lives. I don't go on Farmville or any of those extra games, just check people's status and post to my own status. Maybe 15 minute intervals - one in the morning, one in the evening will work for me?
  2. Books - I have shelves of books. I donated 250 books to the local library last year and I still have full shelves! I have read the majority of the books I have on the shelves, but just can't bear to part with them.
  3. Google Reader Subscriptions - Currently, I have 816 posts to read to be able to get caught up....yeesh!
  4. Shoes - I only have one pair of feet and at least 20 pair of shoes sitting in the closet! I am doing a Goodwill run today and another sometime next week. I will have to go through the shoes and get rid of some!
  5. Digital Photos - Why can't I get rid of the blurry, out of focus photos that I have taken? I am enrolled in the Library of Memories class this year (alumni get to take it again for free - I LOVE FREE) and I am still working through the photos. Organizing, re-living memories.... but deleting photos kills me. But, it will get done.....eventually.
  6. Clothes I Don't Wear/Don't Fit - my closet is full of maternity clothes, clothes that don't fit (due to baby) and clothes I never wear anymore since I am a stay at home mom. I need a serious "GoodWill Run".
  7. Debt - aren't we all in debt? I mean, seriously! Whether it is one card or ten....we all need a little minimizing of the debt!
  8. Negative People - I have friends who only see the "negativity" of any situation they are faced with. I need to minimize the time I spend with them and increase time spent with positive people and people who lift me up instead of bring me down.


Beth said...

Cyn - is perfect for selling your used books! I have made some good, easy money selling books there. All you do is look on the back of the book, enter the ISBN # and it gives the description and suggests the price for you. People buy your books, pay for the book and the shipping, and you ship the book out via media mail (printing your shipping labels through Paypal). Every 2 weeks deposits money in your bank account. Easy peasy!

Cyn M said...

Cool! Thanks Beth!

S said...

I can totally relate to spending too much time on the Internet. I recently posted about paring down my Google Reader list and about actually getting around to reading some of the books I have stockpiled. But I can honestly say that I don't have near enough shoes, especially since my teenage daughter is almost wearing the same size. If only the shoe store was closer to the scrapbook store, I'd be set.