Friday, January 15, 2010

Your Mission.....

The MISSION, if you choose to accept it, is to USE YOUR STASH as much as you can this year and try NOT to spend your money on paper, embellishments, ribbon, digi stuff, etc. The GOAL is to use what you have instead of going out to find the "perfect" paper. Obviously, if you bought it, you had an idea in mind for that particular supply, so USE IT UP!

Rules are SIMPLE:

Use what you have to create scrapbook pages, altered items, gifts, cards, canvas art, etc. This includes (but is not limited to): paper, chipboard, buttons, ribbon, brads, eyelets, grungeboard, prima flowers, etc.

An extra challenge will be in place every month or so to showcase what we are using our stash on and to keep this challenge interesting. You can choose to do the challenge or not. It is all up to you. If you complete the challenge of the month and post to the thread – it is counted as 1 page. 

A monthly total thread will be started by the 5th of the month by me (GACynM) to see how we do. You will post how many scrapbook pages you completed that month and what you spent, if any. If you spend money, the total will be divided by the amount of pages you have completed to give you a "cost per page". The goal is to keep it below 1 cent.

Here is how I count my stuff and how you should count it so that we are all on the same page:
  • A scrapbook page is a scrapbook page. (It doesn't matter what size it is.)
  • 5 cards = 1 scrapbook page
  • 1 altered Item (doesn't matter what size) = 1 scrapbook page
  • 1 gift made using your supplies = 1 scrapbook page
  • Challenge of the month Completed & Posted = 1 page
  • Using 1 Swap Set = 1 page


  • taperunners / refills
  • albums
  • pages / protectors
  • cutting mats
  • xyron refills
  • replacement blades for our trimmers / cricuts / wishblades
  • any digital pictures (if you don't have pictures, you can't use your stash)
  • anything you can alter
  • mod podge
  • acrylic spray
  • adhesive spray
  • archival spray
  • anything you bought using a giftcard OR money given to you as a gift OR money earned selling your scrapbook stuff ONLY (because it wasn't YOUR money to begin with) = A.K.A. “Loophole $”
  • retreat costs
  • online classes (BPS, Jessica Sprague, Get It Scrapped, Feeling Scrappy, L.O.A.D., to name a few)


  • Anytime you spend money on anything “scrappy”.
  • If there is a basic cardstock that you use (ie. black, white, brown) this is okay to purchase but you have to count it in your monthly amount spent. Cartridges / Digital Kits are to be counted in your monthly amount spent.
  • Digital Scrapbook Pages - count only 1/2 of the cost to have the page printed.
If you are a CM / CTMH / SU Consultant, (whether you are a hobbyist or do it as a business) what you purchase for your business does NOT count (unless you are using it for yourself - then you have to take the wholesale cost of that item and add it to what you spent that month).
Here is my TALLY SHEET from 2009. I will be using this same sheet to track this year too.
The totals are formulas and already completed for you.

Scrap Your Stash Tally Sheet.xls

Just delete my numbers in the cells and you can use it for your own use. I would also change the name of the tab - I plan to rename mine to 2009 so that I can keep it for the coming years.

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