Friday, January 15, 2010

What does your STASH look like?

Well, I thought it would be a good idea to post what my stash looks like (which is gutsy because it could leave me open to judgment and ill comments like the ones I have seen on several message boards online). Now, not all of this was bought by me, but bought for me by secret sisters, my husband Ben, family members who know about "my, HOBBY". One other comment before I show you - it is too big to show you in one picture, so I took MANY!!! Now, no judgments here ladies.....just LOVE and ENCOURAGEMENT allowed! I am praying that I make a dent in my stash by doing this challenge without purchasing anything but adhesives and pages/protectors.
My CM Paper Pods (2) and a crate from the dollar store filled from last weekend's retreat in Florida.My paper holder (1) from Hobby Lobby that needs to be re-organized. I usually put all my page refills and protectors in there, but I am planning to put all my Basic Grey in there - by PAPER LINE. That way, I know that I can use the papers in the same line and know that they coordinate. I took 2 pics so you can see how large it is and what I could possibly do with this paper holder to maximize its use!
So, I just bought these JetMaxx cubes at Michaels for 50% off to organize my paper according to colour. The plan is to organize the cardstock into ROYGBV and N/B/W....But it will take a while to do it because....have you seen this stash!?!?!?!?!?!
So, until next time, crank 'em out girls!!! Start making a dent in your stash!!! With my mum here, it will be hard to start using my stash, but I am working on it!


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