Monday, October 5, 2009

Day Book Entry - October 5th 2009

Outside my window... a raining, wet, overcast day.

I am thinking... that the sooner I get Nathan to the Doctor, the sooner I know what flu he has and can be pro-active about what I can do about me catching it.

I am thankful for... a husband who helps me around the house when I need it most.

I am wearing... my jammies - pink t-shirt and striped capris because I will be staying around the house today.

I am remembering... how much prep-work goes into having a newborn baby in the house.

I am going... to be taking my son to the Doctor at 11am.

I am reading... High Five by Janet Evanovich - a Stephanie Plum book.

I am hoping... that if I am getting sick, that I do not go into labour yet.

On my mind... getting Nathan feeling better, Ben feeling better and having a safe C-Section on the 16th of October when our little girl comes into the world.

From the learning rooms... getting Nathan working on getting Happy Faces every day at school for good behaviour

Noticing that... my kitchen floor needs sweeping and mopping, but I am in no shape to do it.

Pondering these words... from Nathan..."I will always be Mummy's baby boy."

From the kitchen... planning meals for when the baby girl arrives next Friday.

Around the house... a little bit of swiffering and vacuuming needed before Mum and Dad arrive on the 13th of October.

One of my favorite things~ hugs and kisses from my son and husband.


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