Sunday, September 27, 2009

My ScrapShare Sisters ROCK!!!

I had to come and brag about my ScrapShare Sisters....

Most of you that know me, know that back in August 2008, I had a garage sale and sold all of my baby stuff. We had been trying for going on 3 years with NO LUCK. So, I figured that since I wasn't working and needed money and we were not getting pregnant, I would have a huge yard sale and clean out everything baby related and get rid of the "clutter". So, I sold it all but the crib (stuck in the very back of the attic) and the pack and play (kept it because we have visitors from Canada all the time who have babies).
In February (the 14th), we found out we were expecting (it took 3 years and 3 months). The only things we had were Nathan's clothes that did not sell, the crib and pack and play. is why I love my SS Sisters......

First of all, at the Skyline Retreat, the ladies threw a baby shower for Just Marcy and I on the Saturday of the retreat. It was a lot of fun, the cake was superb and Marcy and I got some really awesome stuff from all the girls!

Well, this past weekend (the 19th), SBinGA (Sharon) threw me a baby shower in my own home and "Baby Girl Michalski" and I were SPOILED!!!!
  • Marta (M911) drove down from Atlanta just to hang with me for the day,
  • Sharon (SBinGA) sent out invites and brought the food,
  • Cathryn (in Atlanta) sent a gift for the baby (hand-made bibs and scrapbooking items for a little girl's album) with Marta,
  • Susan (Gr82baGATOR) sent in the mail the cutest little creeper and it arrived on Friday (the day before the shower) and
  • Kuleen (Kermit) sent me a quilt that she made for the baby girl - and YES, it was wrapped in green tissue paper but the quilt was purple!
I am SPOILED and BLESSED beyond measure to have you all in my life!

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