Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nathan's First Day @ Kindergarten

Nathan was ready to go to Kindergarten this morning. He only has 2 other children from his previous class in Mrs. McGhee's class - Abigail and Jesus. He also has a little girl in his class that was in his class at Children's Best Learning Center, so he knows her too. The rest are all new to him. We'll see what he says at the end of the day when I go get him from school!We are so proud of our little man....who isn't so little, eh? 3 foot 11 inches tall and 52 pounds! They grow fast and I have been blessed to have such a great little man as a son! Nathan's Teachers: Mrs. McGhee, Nathan and Mrs. Nowak
We are hoping for a fabulous year this year!

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shirley said...

What a milestone - kindergarten - looks like he's loving his first day!