Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Photo Order...

I placed an order at Snapfish to have my photos here in time for the Sketchapalooza 4 class at Feeling Scrappy LAST WEEK....They were mailed on Friday and should be here by now.

Are they here yet?

NOPE! Can you tell how frustrated I am? I am super-dee-dooper frustrated! The last set of photos I ordered were uploaded to CVS and I could drive around the corner to pick them up. Except when I got them, they were not the right size or they had people's heads cut off! So, I figured with my free prints (120 of them) and the other 50 I needed to order, I could just get all of them at once and start to work on them.

Well, they STILL are not here! I will be stalking the mailman today in the hopes that he has them in his truck! Cross your fingers for me!



Nadya 's World!!! said...

are they there yet? :) hopefully you'll get them on time....

Cyn M said...

They arrived yesterday! I got to work immediately. I have the 2 page layout done and posted on Facebook. After the movies, I will post on my blogs! :)
Thanks for thinking of me!