Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm a Design Team Member!!!

I posted a couple of days ago and told you about Lita's new endeavor to do sketches and scrappin' hints and tips! Well, after a few discussions with her, she offered for me (yes ME!!!) to be her second Design Team Member! I, of course, said YES!!! I loved her first sketch and cranked out a layout for it within an afternoon! So, to be able to help her out is awesome and I get some experience as a Design Team Member to add to my "scrapping" resume!!!
So, this morning, I checked my email and 'lo and behold the second sketch was sitting in my inbox waiting for me to wake up! After a lot of movement and organization in my scrap space, (yes, I moved furniture and I am feeling fine) my plan is to crank out a layout for Lita to upload for you all to see on Saturday when she posts SKETCH#2.
Yep! You heard me right....Lita has decided that since her last sketch was so darn popular, she better get another one posted ASAP! So, Karen and I will have our layouts posted up on Lita's site. Cool eh? I am pretty pumped!!!
So, pop over to Lita's blog to have a look on Saturday morning (which is actually FRIDAY morning) for those of us over here in the States!
Scrap On!

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