Thursday, July 9, 2009

Headed to a CROP???

I was on SS earlier today (the Scrapbooking Forums of course) and one of the girls asked how we prepared for a crop. She is heading to a 2-day crop in a couple of weeks and was wondering how we all prep. I want to know how YOU get ready for a crop.
I chimed in on that post and wanted to share with you what I posted on SS. Afterall, I am known over there as the "Retreat Madame".... (hee hee hee)

When Flying:
  1. I order my photos by event and keep them together in the envelope they came in.
  2. I go through the envelopes and sort them based on what is happening in each photo.
  3. I decide which photos I want to use and which ones didn't print properly and shred the ones that didn't print properly.
  4. I pre-cut my pictures and put them into separate piles for each event.
  5. Then look at my printed and solid cardstock to see what I want to use with each set of pics.
  6. Look at my swap sets to see if they would go with the photos.
  7. Decide if each set of prints will be made into a double or single page spread.
  8. Put the pictures with the paper and swap set.
  9. Write on my "cheat sheet" what the event was so that I can look down the list and go for it when I get there.
  10. Start with the next pile of pics, and so on, and so on, until they are done.
  11. Grab my adhesives, refills, rub-ons, Precisions Point Pens, primas, journalling boxes, chestnut roan cats eye chalk, 6x12 Cricut Cutting mat, extra cardstock in neutral colours to use for cutting titles on the cricut, personal trimmer and my brads and throw them in a bag.
  12. Leave for the crop.
When I get home from that crop, I look at the pages I completed to see if there are titles that need to be cut with my cricut (if nobody had theirs with them) and get to work to finish them up. Then add them to the proper albums. The majority of the time, someone has had their cricut there and I have been able to finish all the pages at the crop.

When Driving:
I order my prints by "event" and keep them in the envelope
Write the EVENT on the actual envelope
Pack the car with everything including the envelopes
Head to the crop!
Scrap On Girls!

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