Thursday, July 9, 2009

Embracing Imperfection...Litabell's New Endeavor!

Check out my friend Lita's blog. She has begun a new endeavor with producing SKETCHES and posting them to her blog. She starts tomorrow and I can't wait! I love to use sketches and I especially love my friend Lita! Her scrapping style is awesome and we have the same love of a particular Vampire who sparkles....
Our other friend Karen will be doing some samples of Lita's sketches too! Karen, Lita and I bonded over TWILIGHT but their scrapping is awesome! I am sure you will see when you pop on over tomorrow!!!

Check out Lita's Blog! She posts her FIRST SKETCH tomorrow!!! Go Lita, Go! Can't wait to see Karen's interpretation of Lita's sketches too! You go Girls!!!! Woohoo!


Lita said...

Aww thanks hun! Can't wait to see your interpretation- inspire me!! I've got my samples ready to go, both paper & digi and have had a lot of fun with it!
Thanks for the linkup!
Lots of love coming your way, from one twitard to another :D

PS - stay tuned for a challenge or two also...can you say robward?

Larry Johnson said...

Hey Cyndi call me, I need to find out about meals for August.

Karen said...

Robward is going strong here!! Thanks for the nice comments, hope the layout is good! I was so darn nervous about it lol!!!