Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grandpa Jackson....

Last weekend, Ben's (maternal) Grandfather died. He had a herniated bowel and was in a lot of pain. After some tests, they determined that his heart was not going to make it through surgery and put him on meds to help strengthen his heart to get the much needed surgery.
Saturday afternoon, they started the operation and during the last 10 minutes, his heart failed and after bringing him back, his heart never recovered. They took him off the machines and he died peacefully with his children by his side.

In the beginning of May, when I went to Texas to Spring Thing, I completed a layout for my 52 Blessings album and pulled it out on Tuesday to look at it. It was for Week 12 and it was a layout of Grannie and Grandpa Jackson. Tuesday was the day that they had the viewing and it was kind of strange to look at this photo and think about what was happening up in Guelph Ontario. Grandpa Jackson will be missed, especially by his wife, Jeanne.
Here is the journalling in the adhesive tag at the top of the layout.

Rest in Peace Grandpa Jackson. We love you!

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