Friday, May 29, 2009

May Totals

Can you believe another month has come and gone? I am amazed at how quickly this year is going! I have been busting my butt to crank out a scrapbook for each of Nathan's classmates. I received the pictures on Tuesday at 12:30pm and finished all 20 of them by today at 12:35pm!
A total of 318 pages completed for these 20 kids on 8.5x11 cardstock. It was nuts! It was hellish! It was entirely too much for one person to handle! But.....I handled it!
I also completed 31 of my own pages while I was at Spring Thing in the beginning of May.

A total of 349 for the month of May and 425 pages for the entire year! All using my stash! YAY ME! Now, these are all sizes of scrapbook pages. I have not figured out how many of each style, but at least I am using what I have on hand! I made a big dent in my scrap stash while doing the books for Nathan's classmates!

Well, I am now off to get some much needed stress reduction therapy...called SLEEP!

Hopefully, you did a great job this month! Next up....JUNE CHALLENGES!

Scrap On!!!

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