Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Soapbox Time....

I have a "VENT" about, it's time I got on the soapbox. I promise not to be on it for too long, because I really don't enjoy ranting and raving, BUT here it goes....
I am sick of people assuming that because I am home all the time and that I am a SAHM that I do nothing all day. I hate that.
I got an email from a friend tonight that set me off and I have so much to say, but can't seem to put it out there into words.
The short and long of it is this....
She is an unhappy kind of person. If you have a problem, well hers is 10 to 100 times worse! She is always either upset with her hubby or frustrated with work. She wants to take time away for herself from her child and hubby but feels guilty. She just is the person that sees the glass as HALF must know someone like that right? You have met someone like that before! I think we all have!
I am the usual HALF FULL kind of girl and happen to like the life I have. Could we use more money? Everyone could! Would I like to be working? Sure! It would help me with paying for this C-Section in October for sure and give us some breathing room! But I am home with my son and that, to me, is VERY important! I am the kind of person that CHOOSES to be happy with whatever situation I am put in. I CHOOSE HAPPINESS......
So, the reason for my vent....well, part of it is the assumptions people make about me being at home all day, another part is this girl is a very good friend of mine and I want her to smarten up and get some positivity already, and the last part is that people NEED to choose to be happy! Be happy with what you HAVE.
Why can't people choose to be happy?
Can they not be happy with what they have already?
Why can't people be positive?
STOP being a Negative Nelly!
I am sick and tired of hearing this stuff and I just wish for once that people would be HAPPY with WHAT THEY HAVE!
Okay....I am done. Thanks for listening!


Martha said...

Aw, hugs to you my friend.

Negative Nellys are often fueled by some sort of competitive/jealousy thing. The only solution I've found is to minimize my interactions with them.

Good Luck...and keep thinking happy thoughts.

Cheri Kay Slattery said...

TOTALLY GET YA ON THE STAHM THING> the comments from working moms of "well i work so i don"t have time to do the laundry" and you want to scream "either do i _ and your day care can"t do laundry while watching kids either!" OR the "can you since you don't work ppl" "can you pick me up, can you let my dogs out" yep - totally get ya. and my newest re-newed theory - we are exactly where we need to be, we need to do our part, be good to others, and god will take care of us. might even find a money tree in our backyard . . . well we can wish anyway. take care. don't stress - you have a little one to worry about - don't waste your time on the negative nelly's in life.