Monday, April 20, 2009

Traumatized? Nah.....Just overwhelmed!!!

So, I thought that Nathan was really traumatized on Friday after being on a bus where the kids were loud and the bus driver was yelling.....
I guess I was WRONG!!!
He and I talked about the bus ride on Saturday and he said he didn't like it and yesterday, he told me he wanted to ride the bus in the morning.
So, this morning, I woke him up a little earlier than normal and got his lunch ready.
At 7:40am, he was getting on the bus and had a huge grin on his face! He looked at me as I stood there (trying not to cry that my baby is riding the big-boy bus) and I gave him a big grin back and a thumbs-up. He was all smiles. I let the tears FLOW after the bus was gone down the street!
I sent his teacher an email to make sure he got off at the right school (they drop off at the Elementary school and then the Primary school) and he arrived safe and happy!

So, he will ride the bus home again this afternoon and hopefully have a better experience than on Friday afternoon!
Cross your fingers!!!

P.S. the picture above was taken earlier this month for picture day - not this morning. I just had to show you all that he finally wore a pair of Jeans AND a Collared Shirt! Proof that he is getting to be a big boy!

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Jayne said...

So glad it went better! Hope the ride hom eis just as smooth!