Sunday, April 19, 2009

Floored.....then Humbled....

I belong to a Scrapbooking Forum online called ScrapShare. I have been a member since 2-12-2007 and have had the pleasure of meeting some fabulously-talented women on this particular message board. I have been planning retreats since last year on ScrapShare as well and have fun doing it too! Now, in the past, I have read about some serious generosity from the members of SS and have always thought "What a great thing to do for someone, the recipient is very lucky to have an angel like that!" Well, this time around, the recipient is ME!
This week, I was sent a Private Message on ScrapShare telling me that my Retreat Fee was paid for me to attend "Texas Spring Thing" if I could swing the airfare. I was floored....shocked! I also feel very humbled that someone would do that for me!
Now, my ANGEL has asked to remain anonymous, so I am just saying here on my blog....THANK YOU ANGEL!!!!
I have already told my Angel that I will Pay It Forward when I am able to, but whoa! What a generous gift to be given! It amazes me....humbles me....makes me believe in the generosity of people now, more than ever!


McKay Family said...

Lucky you! Will I see you in FL too??

Martha said...

How exciting for you! I'm very happy for you.
Truly, the random acts of kindness...gets you every time!

Tell all the Texans HOWDY!