Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hi-Ho,'s OFFLINE I Go!

Don't you just love google images? I got this from there!
I am going offline tomorrow for a couple of days. You may not hear from me or even see me online. I will be spending today (Thursday) with Ben and Nathan before heading off to Alabama on Friday to a Retreat.


Surprisingly, I wasn't planning to attend this one. I had sent my money in August last year and was seriously considering not going and getting my money back. Afterall, my retreat is at the end of this month - 3 weeks from now to be exact - and I could have waited. But, I am kind of glad that I am going now. Ben will appreciate me more. Nathan will have a chance to miss me. It will be good for them and especially good for me too!

I haven't packed much and I don't plan to pack much. 1 Paper pod and some plain cardstock should be fine for the weekend. My pictures are in my new American Crafts Binder with my photos in chronological order waiting to be scrapped and I just plan to take that binder off the shelf and put it in the car! I will have my laptop to keep organizing my photos when I have a "mojo problem". But I don't really plan to be taking a whole lot of stuff with me!

I am off to try to get some sleep now, which has not been happening much lately with Ben on midnight shift. I guess I can always snuggle up when he gets home and we drop Nathan off to school.
So, until I get back from Alabama and unpacked.....I am OFFLINE starting NOW..................................


Jayne said...

Hope you have a wonderful time!!

BonnieRose said...

have a wonderful time, can't wait to hear all about it... take the time u need, for you.