Thursday, February 26, 2009


The other day I posted about being a terrible friend...
Well, since I have had time to digest am not terrible. I am a busy person and you know, the phones and emails go BOTH WAYS! I'm upset! I'm angry!
I have been busy with family visiting for almost 3 weeks, planning a weekend scrapbooking retreat for the end of March and there are 50 people that I need to make sure I have payments, t-shirt sizes and goody bags ordered for those 50 people! On top of that, I have been volunteering in Nathan's class, going on a field trip with him, doing the LayOut A Day Challenge and started Library of Memories. So, YES - I am busy!
I have a lot of friends that understand when I don't call for a few weeks or even a month or two! They understand that my life is busy - so I only have 1 child, I am not as busy as a person who has 4 children! But just because I have only 1 child doesn't mean that I am not busy! On top of me being busy, I was in and out of the Dr's office because I was spotting and cramping badly!!

Now, for those of my friends who understand that I am busy and will call them when I can - THANK YOU!!! Friends are those that stick around even through the tough times and understand that life happens. They don't expect a phone call every week or even every month. But when you do finally get around to calling, they sit down and catch you up and you catch them up on life. THAT is what I call friendship!
So, if you feel like I am not being a good friend....fine. I am just saying that phones work both ways and so does email! I eventually go through my email and read/respond to all emails that build up. I may not do it in a timely manner, but eventually I get around to it.
So, I guess the thing I give up for LENT is DRAMA! I am sick of being the only one to have to do the work in a friendship. That isn't how it works! It is a two-way street!!!
So....those are my thoughts after digesting all the stuff that has gone on.



Amy said...

You GO girl!!! Preach it!

McKay Family said...

That's what I'm talking about!!! And I love ya! BTW - I figured out the three column stuff...all links to the places that will help you are posted on my blog.

Nadya 's World!!! said...

I so agree.... Brush that Drama off your shoulder and enjoy your true friends... :)

Cheri Kay Slattery said...

1st - So seriously - Congrats is in order - i'm assuming from the ultrasound pic.
and 2nd. - shake the drama off. wow. any friend who would tell you that you are a bad friend - after finding out you are pregnant - is NOT a friend at all. you need all the support you can find, now. and if you are spotting already - you need to focus on only YOU! i was on bedrest from 28 weeks on - and i had a 3 year old to take care of. btw - the cramping - i had a lot of - apparantly with your 2nd child - your ligaments get mad at you. i know we just met - but i promise to be a better friend to you! : )