Thursday, February 5, 2009

Unnecessary Drama....

I arrived home after a terrible trip to Home Depot with my son's class to find a comment on THIS BLOG and on my PERSONAL BLOG:

It would be nice if you gave proper credit to who this challenge was originally created by. A member of worked very hard at putting this together. You can at least give her credit, istead of claiming this as your original idea. The truth always has a way of coming out. Please do the honourable thing and give her credit.
Thank you.

My natural response to this was to log on to Scrappin Goddesses and see what the heck she was talking about! At 4:21 PM, I was notified via email but didn't see it until 5:25. At that time, I was logging on to see that YES....indeed, there is a girl over there that started a similar challenge called Use Your Stash Challenge (UYSC) and her name is April. I have met April in real life. Anyway, after seeing that her challenge was to do 50 pages without spending a cent, I knew that this challenge was different. I decided to send a message to both April (to apologize for not knowing that she had a challenge like this in the past) and to Sevannah.

So, after much research, I have found it in several different magazines - CK, Simply Scrapbooks to name a couple. ALSO - has a challenge very similar to this one called 2009 DEBT FREE DIVAS and another one called STASH CHALLENGE and it is by the also have a challenge very similar to this one as well.
So, I am not the only person that has this challenge going, but the way I came up with this idea in the first place you HAVE to know.....

I was going through my stash before leaving to drive to Canada at Christmas time. Knowing that I was getting together with a couple of very good friends to scrapbook, I decided to go through and get some stuff to take with me. I found paper that I bought SPECIFICALLY for Nathan's baby book (which has been done for about 3 years now) and decided then that I was going to do a challenge on ScrapShare to use the stuff I had and to save the money that I would normally go out and spend on scrapbooking supplies! A couple of friends told me to do it in the BLOG WORLD because there had to be more people that would want to do this that were not necessarily on SS. So, I posted it on SS and have 115 people in on it and I created this blog. There you have it ALL.....out in the open for everyone to read it. you know the REST OF THE STORY....

So, for those of you who have joined this challenge....I am SO GLAD you are here with me and not spending your hard earned money on scrap stuff and using what you have!
Way to go!


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