Tuesday, February 10, 2009

RAK from Karen (Kalese)...

I received an envelope in the mail yesterday and it was from AUSTRALIA!!! My friend over there Karen - Kalese on Scrapshare - and I have been talking TWILIGHT since before the movie was released! Karen sent me this:
Now, I have been reading the Twilight Series over and over and over again. I have seen Twilight in the theatre 2 times and I plan to order the movie as soon as it is out. I am OBSESSED! There is a Thread on ScrapShare that I started as soon as I got back from the movie at 2:45am and it is up to 40 pages of posts! So, not only am I OCD (as the button says) but I know a bunch of others (including Karen) who are!!!
The OCD continues on with New Moon (the next book in the series) being brought to the big screen in November 2009 and it starts shooting in March sometime!!! I am so psyched!!!
So, THANK YOU Karen! For my OCD Pin! I have it in a prominent place in my Scrap Area and it will be with me whenever I go to a retreat! I hope to someday meet you in real life!!!

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