Monday, February 16, 2009

The Problem with Sketches....

As I was looking at some sketch sites last night, I thought of something. When I am thinking of using a sketch, I have to mull it over and figure out what pictures I need for the layout. I don't necessarily pic the pictures before I find the sketch. I have used sketches to getback my MOJO when I lost it last year. It was rough. I kept looking at the mountains of photos that I had and didn't feel "the urge" to scrap like I usually do. For me, I have to look at the sketch for a couple of days to decide what to do. It takes a little longer to scrapbook when I have to use a sketch. That is my BIG problem with using takes me FOREVER to decide how I want to use them and completing a layout takes a long time.
Seeing as I am the Sketch Hostess on SS this week, the sketch I picked off of the Pink Sketches blog was easy and something that took a week or two to decide on photos and paper to use.
So my questions are below:
  1. Do you use sketches?
  2. Do you pick the photos and then pick the sketch? OR Do you pick the sketch and then get the photos?
  3. Do you use sketches often? If not, when would you use them?
Can't wait to see your responses!
In the meantime....

Keep Scrappin'~

P.S. I have to get working on today's LOAD and I will post it later today....

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