Monday, February 23, 2009

New Moon Anticipation is Mounting!

The girls on ScrapShare and I have been talking about Twilight for months since the Release. I posted about the movie as soon as I got home from seeing the movie at 2:45am or so. It was released at midnight Friday morning because of the popularity of the movie.
Now, the second movie NEW MOON is getting ready to be filmed in Vancouver starting in March and we are already talking about it! Yes, we are OBSESSED! We are all drooling over it's star....Robert Pattinson and some are even drooling over Taylor Lautner....
It is really pretty funny that all of us grown women are counting down the days until NEW MOON is released, but we have all read the Twilight Saga and we are all BITTEN!!!
Here is some more eye-candy that I got from

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McKay Family said...

I can't wait for twilight to come out on DVD! BTW - interesting that he is wearing a wedding band in that pic...that should not happen for quite some time still. Wonder when these were taken and for what...