Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Friends ROCK!

We went to Cathryn's house in Atlanta for a crop yesterday. Cathryn, Pam, Cori, Marta, Amy and I were there all day. What a BLAST! We had munchies - a dip made by Cori that made me want to drink a bunch of water it was so spicy, a chickien cheese dip that Pam made and it was SO GOOD and then a hummis dip that Marta brought and I really liked that too. I have never had hummis. Very cool! We had lunch with the Stouffers Lasagna that I brought (it was good too - never had that before) with Salad and garlic bread. Then, Amy made this Chocolate Cake, which I have renamed to THE CHOCOLATE ORGASM CAKE! It was THAT GOOD!!!! I hope she will make it again sometime! It was SO GOOD!!!! Here's a pic at the Mexican Restaurant of Cori and Marta.
Cathryn, Amy, Me, Marta
Marta, Me and Amy...I am going to use this pic in an 8x8 Layout for the Skyline Retreat and put all 3 of us on there!
Marta and I are doing the Library of Memories class together at Big Picture Scrapbooking. We will be each other's accountability partners. I can't wait! It starts this week!!!
Pam was about to leave to get home to her boys and I had to make sure I had a pic of her before she left. I don't think I have ever seen her wear anything but blue whenever I see her!
Getting together with these girls has been FABULOUS for me. I have been in a "funk" lately and this really gave me a boost to be with these girls! It was great to kick back, scrapbook, hang with the girls and talk our faces off! I am really looking forward to spending the weekend with these girls at a retreat in a few week's time! I even got some stuff done!
My Library of Memories clipboard I had to alter before the class started. I also completed a layout for my 52 Blessings Album and a Dry Erase Board that I still needed to complete for the Feeling Scrappy From Mess To Success Class!
Pretty awesome!

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Oh my....makes me miss you guys so much!