Monday, February 2, 2009

LOAD #2 and Swap Set #2

Day 2 down....26 more to go!!!I finished my second layout for February in RECORD TIME!!!! I had the pictures and the paper set out already. I have been using my page planner sheet ( I kind of changed mine a little to add in some other stuff that I thought I would use - but the idea was from the Feeling Scrappy From Mess To Success Class) - I had on there that I wanted to showcase Nathan's SMILE. Something I absolutely LOVE..... So, I had the planning sheet and I had the few pictures of my smiley guy, and I had the Blue paper. I needed to find a swap set that I could use (since this is the challenge this month) and then journal.
Last night, I had all this ready to go....but no swap set. I couldn't find one last night. As I was organizing my desk this morning and putting away my papers from the weekend, I found a Cropper Hopper Folder with the set that Cori (toucann on ScrapShare) gave me when I was at her house in December!!! I LOVE THAT SET!!! It was P.E.R.F.E.C.T!
Lain sent out her "prompt" for the day and it included "taking something that you encounter from your daily ife and use it on a page". I will add this to my page planner for another day since I already had inspiration for today!

I am off now to plan some more pages using my handy-dandy page planner sheet.

Keep on Scrappin'

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