Thursday, February 19, 2009

Library of Memories....(LOM)

I started this class a week ago and I have been working on implementing this into my life...slowly but surely. I have a Large Power Sort of photos that are old...but put into categories so that I can easily find them....

  • Our Wedding (no, I have not started my wedding album)
  • Ben
  • Cyndi
  • Cyndi Pictures from Birth - Teen years (taken out of magnetic albums about 6 months ago and waiting to be scanned and organized)
  • Friends of Cyn
  • Friends of Ben
  • Niagara Falls Trip
  • Doug and Jenn's Wedding
  • Nathan Pictures
  • Animals

This has been my sets of pictures and they are just by event/person.BEFORE LOM:
I was only printing out the photos that I wanted to scrapbook in increments. I did this so that I wasn't "breaking the budget" by printing a bunch of photos and having them laying around not being scrapbooked. So, currently I only have July 2008 until December 2008 printed and ready to scrapbook. This could be very hard habit for me to break - just printing pictures only when I am ready to scrapbook them!
These photos are in an American Crafts 12x12 Album in 12x12 Photo Sleeves that hold 6 photos per sleeve. In order of Months....
July is in matte photos and starts the group off. These pictures are mainly of our trip up to Canada and the time we spent with our relatives. Then August, October, November and December are all in Glossy photos. You may ask WHY isn't there a SEPTEMBER? Well, September is already scrapbooked!

So, here is where I am at right now....on to organizing more I guess!!