Monday, February 2, 2009


We rented this movie last night because our Bible Study Group will be doing the study starting on February 15th. At first, I really wasn't thrilled with it. I was not impressed with either of the lead characters. I know it was filmed here in Georgia by the same church that did Facing the Giants (LOVED THAT ONE) and I was anxious to see it. Kirk Cameron plays the lead role of Caleb. I really didn't like Caleb at the beginning of the movie and he did a great job portraying Caleb. I ended up enjoying the video by the end and even shed a couple of tears. There were a lot of good analogies for marriage and a lot of lessons that people could learn by watching this movie and doing the Bible Study. I can't wait for the study to start and for the effects on my marriage to take place! I have a good marriage already, but maybe taking this class will make it even stronger....which is always a good thing!!


shirley said...

I haven't seen this movie, but based on what I have heard, it is quite good.

Jayne said...

I want to see it - thanks for the review.