Tuesday, February 3, 2009


"Worry looks around, Sorry looks back, FAITH looks up"
I see really cool sayings on the billboards that all the churches around here:
"7 Days Without Jesus, makes one weak"
"God answers Knee-Mail" .....to name a few....

I live in Georgia - the Bible Belt and there are 5 churches within a block or 2 of my home. We don't attend any of them around here....we attend Harvest Church....I love to attend church and hear the music and the message.

I was thinking about things today and really wondering where my FAITH is....
I was involved with Youth Ministry at our church when I was pregnant with Nathan and his first year. I loved it and I was the closest to God then. Since then, my Faith has been there but not as strong, other stuff has taken me away....
You know what I mean....I am sure you have had it happen to you too!
Like when life just sweeps you away from doing your daily "quiet time"...how it is so much easier to sleep in on a Sunday instead of going to church...how easy it is to skip going to Bible Study because you have "other things" you need to do around the house and such?
Can you tell that I am GUILTY of one or more of these?

So, where does a girl start? I have been so wrapped up in other "stuff" that my FAITH is suffering. I need to get back to my daily reading and my quiet time. It is funny how when we "need" something, that is when we go to God. When we are worried....when we are stressed....when we are struggling. This Fireproof movie was an eye-opener for me. In my marriage and in my personal relationship with God.
I guess, the first place to start would be THE BIBLE.....maybe I will start in Proverbs.....that is a book full of wisdom. Something everyone needs....WISDOM.

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MidniteScrapper said...

Loved your post and your honesty Cyn. Isn't sad how easily we let things get in our relationship with Him? He gets put on the back burner sometimes until we need Him like a 911 hotline. Imagine how we feel when a friend or loved one moves on to other things in their life, spends time with others, never has time for you...until they need something? Of course the faithful friend is always there, but it hurts.
Anyway - nobody is perfect, but the key is that He lets us start new and He's always there waiting. Great post!