Sunday, February 1, 2009


I have been blessed with many people who I would consider friends.
I have friends here in Georgia, but not many of the kind of friends that I can tell anything to.
But, I have a confession.....I am kinda bummed.....
A very good friend of mine, Jamie, and her hubby, Nick, are being stationed over in Germany.
I know that this is a great opportunity for them and something that they had requested, but I am bummed!!! They have been wanting this for a while and I am very happy for them.
BUT - I am sad.
We met Nick and Jamie through our Church and they attended our Bible Study at our house for a while. Jamie was the friend that I could call and talk to her about any.thing. She wouldn't judge, she would listen and give advice if I asked for it. She was a great prayer companion and just an overall "GOOD EGG". So, I will miss her terribly!!! Nick is a good guy too and he and Ben got along rather well! They even liked hanging out with Nathan and helped me with his 3rd birthday party! Good People....those Whitakers!
I did get to see them on Friday for a little bit, but I feel like I didn't really get to hug Jamie goodbye or anything like that. I hope that I will see her before she leaves and give her a squeeze. I wish them the best of luck over there and I hope to see them again someday. I do know that we will keep in touch via Facebook and hopefully they will get a webcam and we can Skype with each other. The cool thing is technology is a great thing and we can keep in touch that way!

Good Luck Jamie and Nick! You will be missed terribly and we are truly blessed to call you FRIENDS....

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Martha said...

It is a rare but true blessing when you make a "couple" friend! You know the ones where the hubbies get along as well, maybe even better than the wifeys.

These folks sound like wonderful people and I'm thinking that although distance will make the friendship harder to maintain, you will still find time to continue to nurture this special friendship that you've formed. God put them in your lives for a reason...keep it growing through you love!