Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Being REAL and apologizing.....

I got a kick in the pants tonight from someone who I know will be truthful with me no matter what. You know, that brutally honest friend that you can trust to tell you exactly how they feel whether it hurts or not? I admire her and consider her to be a good friend....but man, am I hurt!
She pointed out to me that I was not being a true friend. I was being self-absorbed and not thinking of others. I have been *underground* or *fell off the face of the earth* as far as communications go and that is unacceptable. She is RIGHT. I have been dealing with a lot lately - medical and otherwise - but that really isn't an excuse. Life goes on and it isn't always about me.

So, thanks for being the one to tell me the brutal, honest, truth...even when it cuts deep.


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MidniteScrapper said...

Proverbs 27:5...It's good for us. Honest friends are the real friends. =]