Sunday, January 11, 2009


People have been hitting this blog, seeing me in person or emailing me questions about this Challenge for the year of 2009...

It really is this simple:
Just Use Your Stash Instead of going out to find the "perfect paper" for the pictures.
Be content with the stash that you do have because if you are anything like me, you would be able to scrapbook/alter things/make cards for at least a year, or two, or three!

So....don't make it any harder than it seems! Don't get hung up in the "little things" (this is probably why a lot of us fail at New Years Resolutions) and lose track of the GOAL: USE YOUR STASH!!!!

Count your totals:
How much did you spend?
How many pages (any size) did you create?
How many things did you alter (really doesn't matter what size the item is)?
How many swaps did you join?
Did you complete the monthly challenge and post it somewhere for those of us to see? (Gallery/PhotoBucket/Personal Site)

So, go for it my friends, use your stash and put a dent in it!!

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