Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Guitar Heroes....

We got the Nintendo Wii for Christmas as our "Big Gift" from my mum and dad. I bought Ben Guitar Hero for his birthday on the 31st and he and Nathan "ROCK OUT".....Ben's guitar is hooked up but Nathan's isn't (he sure rocks out though!). Nathan is quite a musical little man. He loves to sing along to the music in the car. You should hear him sing Church songs at the top of his lungs! It is so cute! The other thing.....we drive in the car and he knows from the CD that I have in - what song comes next! I think that in the next little while, I may have to get him an instrument to play FOR REAL! He loves to play Guitar Hero with Daddy (even if he isn't really hooked up). He moves and rocks to the music like Daddy and even dances around the room with my extra guitar!

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