Saturday, January 24, 2009

From Mess to Success Binder...

I won the Feeling Scrappy Class - From Mess To Success while I was enrolled in the Sketchapalooza 2 Class. I was the Teacher's Pet! Figures! I have always been one to try to be an over-achiever and I finished all the sketches by the end of the class by working on the sketches ONLY on the weekends.
The From Mess To Success Binder is made to help you organize what you do on a daily basis in your household. There are even awesome forms the girls over there came up with to fill the binder!
I am VERY impressed with the Feeling Scrappy Classes and they come HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me, of course!!!!

So, I am revealing what I came up with by doing this class: (click on it to enlarge the photos)

We made the covers and dividers using Chipboard Sheets and our own paper STASH. I am a fan of Purple and Green together, so of course, my binder had to be those colours. The plan is to place my binder in the "hub" of our house - THE KITCHEN!!!! When paying bills or adding to it, I will take it to the bonus room and update it.
I have signed up with LOAD - LayOut A Day for the month of February and am using the "Page Planning sheets" that one of the girls came up with at Feeling Scrappy to get ready for that particular Challenge.....See? This class was TOTALLY worth it!!!

Now, to scrap a lot and wait until March when SKETCHAPALOOZA 3 starts!!!
Keep on Scrappin'!


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