Friday, January 2, 2009



The goal is to USE YOUR STASH and SPEND LESS in 2009.....

1. Use what papers you have in your paper pods, on your shelves, paper stacker, wherever. Use your brads, eyelets, primas, chipboard, ribbon, grungeboard, etc. Spend as little as possible on supplies!!!
2. Purchase only tape runner, xyron refills, page refills, protectors and replacement blades for our trimmers, wishblade, cricut, etc.
3. If there is a basic cardstock that you use, (ie. Black/White/Brown) this is okay to purchase but you have to count it in your monthly amount spent!
4. Loophole: When you get a gift card for Archivers/Hobby Lobby/Michaels for birthdays, anniversaries, mothers day, Christmas - you can use it to purchase supplies without recording what you spent because it wasn’t your money you spent. It was a GIFT. This does NOT mean that you go out and buy a bunch of gift cards before the end of 2008 to Hobby Lobby / Archivers / Michaels.
5. During the month, we will have a challenge of the month to showcase what we have done with our STASH and we will post them online in the Gallery here or on THIS FORUM.
6. At the end of the month, we have to post what we bought, how much it cost and then how many pages/projects we complete.
7. Cartridges for the Cricut or Digital Kits……You have to factor the cost of the cartridge or digital kits into your monthly purchase amount – which will make your page cost go up! The only way around that would be if someone bought you the cart/kit or if you buy it with a gift card.
8. Use your ENTIRE STASH at the END of 2009 - by doing this challenge - and you get to BUY WHATEVER YOU LIKE!!!! You will also get a little "gift" in the mail!!! BUT you have to show PROOF of it all being gone - empty shelves, pods, supply closet, prima jars, brads, etc. No hiding it either!
9. Pictures DO NOT count toward your costs for your layouts as you need the pictures to be able to scrapbook and use your stash. Digital Layouts when printed are only worth 1/2 their price as the pictures on the page count for the other 1/2 of the cost.
10. Anything you can alter does NOT count in your cost analysis. Mod Podge, acrylic spray, adhesive spray and archival spray.

*So, who's going to join me?*

JANUARY CHALLENGE: At least 1 sketch (one or 2 page layout) with the stuff you have on hand. Scrapbook as many pages as you can too! POST YOUR SKETCH LAYOUTS HERE!!! January 31st, we'll see who has the LOWEST cost per page (digital & traditional totals)


Martha said...

I'm fact, I've got a separate blog dedicated to this challenge. Karen (Buddies Momma) and I are writing on it together...

THANK YOU so much for coordinating this challenge...I'm so excited to see how much I can accomplish with the stuff I already have. Scary to think about (which is why I've got a private blog, don't want Hubby to see the reality of my stash!)

Lee said...

I'm thrilled to say COUNT ME IN! I'll follow along on your blog ... and Martha's too ... I mean, if she'll let me in ;)

shirley said...

OK, I think I need to do this, too.... I tried to go through 08 without spending $ on supplies, but did end up spending some. Not sure if I'll have time to post the layouts, but I'll keep track of expenditures.
Thanks for heading this up and giving us the encouragement along the way!