Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 WRAP-UP....what a year I have had!

Tonight on ScrapShare, Joanie started a thread about our favourite ScrapShare moments...Here is what I wrote but the pictures I have added only here on my blog:
WOW....I am not sure where to start!

January 2008
Florida ScrapShare 3 - My first Retreat much fun....getting the RETREAT VIRGIN KIT....those girls started something by having a great retreat and I just had to have more! Llama Drama Baby!!!! February 2008
SSNA 2008 - Getting to meet Monika, Elaine, MRNancyD (jk), DZCropper, Lee(monade) and all those fun ladies at SSNA. What a hoot! NancyD was hilarious, her and Elaine's stories were freakin' funny and you really can't make that sh** up!
April 11-13th, 2008
Planning my first-ever retreat (Tri-State which is now called SKYLINE) at Camp Skyline for the SS Sisters. Meeting all those awesome ladies and planning a retreat with Shelbi was awesome. I have never seen so many awesome ladies together without a hint of drama and it was PHENOMENAL!!!
May 2008
Going back to Florida to hang with 15 other ladies and crop. Heading out the the Italian restaurant in a HUMMER with 6 other ladies and seeing the people sigh with relief after we left for the evening.....(finally, they are we don't have to listen to them laugh and carry on!) Getting to meet BasketLady and Mr. Basket. Hanging out on the deck chatting with Lindsay (edug8r97), rooming with Kim and getting to chat with StaceyR the ENTIRE weekend because she sat across from me!! Memorial Day weekend - getting to meet the girls in Ohio (3 I had met already at Tri-State) at Cord Camera! I got to meet Benita, Kathy and Jen too!
June 2008
Going to Canada and hanging out with Char and meeting a few other Canucks while I was there visiting family. Combining my birthday with Stacey in Ga and going to Archivers with the GA Girls. Heading out to the car to get my stuff and being serenaded by DZCROPPER who had driven all the way from Alabama to see me! Awesome!!!
Going home to Canada with my entire family and getting to hang out with Lee(monade) Marcy in FL and Char (scrapbkngal) at Scrapalicious in Oakville. What a FAB day!Our Archivers crops at the 2 stores in Georgia - a great way to get together with my friends from SS to "catch-up" between retreats!

Having Cori(toucann) and Marta (theatrelvr92 - now M911) over to my place overnight to scrapbook and hang out! SO MUCH FUN!Going back to Florida ScrapShare Retreat 4 but with AMYHUDSON in tow! Man, if you ever have a long drive to take, you NEED to take her with you. NEVER A DULL MOMENT!!! Love you Amy!!! Gosh she is great! Anyway, we had a fabulous drive and at the retreat, although not all the girls were there (Miami crew was missing and so were the West Palm Beach girls), we had a good time! I just missed "MY GIRLS". But I got to room with Kim again! LOVE HER!
October 2008
Planned my second retreat for the year at Camp Skyline. Meeting some new girls and hanging out (even if I did get really sick). Learning some awesome stuff from the girls that taught classes for me, sitting with the girls at the table and chatting non-stop.
November 2008
SSTX5 - getting to meet all the awesome ladies at SSTX. Meeting Ginger in TX's daughter Avery (even if she was a little shy) man is she adorable!!! Going to Hobby Lobby to "de-virginize" Kesa and introduce her to the DARK SIDE! Kesa is absolutely FABULOUS! The ladies at my table were absolutely awesome! Kris with a K - celebrating her birthday with her (low key of course because I couldn't get a cake on the plane), Being driven all over the place by Ruth (luvspaper) - man I love her!!! Travelling with Nancy (dzcropper) was awesome and EASY!!!! I had a fabulous time all around!
December 2008
Travelling home to Canada. Going to Scrapalicious in Mississauga with Lee and Char to hang and scrapbook! What a fun time. Going over to Cori's house and being "SURPRISED" by my SS Secret Sister (Marta - M911) with a personal delivery of my gifts! What a shock! I have had a FABULOUS year! I have to copy and paste this into my BLOG for sure!!!

Now, favourite posts:
  • McDreamy Sightings for sure! Even DH (Ben) knows about that one! HAHAHA!Seeing all of the awesome pages/altered items/swaps sets posted on the gallery and also on the forums.
  • The TRASHY CYN post HA!
  • The TWILIGHT thread on the book discussion board....for my evil pleasures of course! bwahahahaha!

ScrapShare Sisters we have met:
I can't list all the people I met from ScrapShare but I am very grateful to have met each and every one of the ladies (and Jay) that I have met this year! You are all special to me and I would hate to offend any of you by listing everyone and forgetting someone!


Debbie ~PPD~ said...

It was an honor to be able to share a couple of of my 2008 weekends with you. Thanks for your loving friendship!!! ~PPD~

Karen said...

so exciting reading through all you've done this year!!

Buckeye Benita said...

I think you win for meeting the most SSers in one year. Can't wait to see you again in March.