Monday, December 8, 2008

Heading Home!

We leave Georgia on the 17th after Ben gets home from work and we are driving up to Canada. Our Home and Native Land...... Normally, I don't really look forward to going, but this year, I am introducing Nathan to the ICE RINK! One of my favourite places to be....the smell of the ice and the hot chocolate all brings back memories of when I used to figure skate. Nathan loves the snow and already they have plenty of it and he asks me constantly if he can throw snowballs at Nana. So, I am looking forward to going up to Canada this time around...even EXCITED?!?!?! Can you imagine it? I can't! Usually, it is harder for me to go because I love my life here in Georgia, I enjoy being away from the family that puts pressures on us and the friends that demand to see me when I only have 7 days to see our families who both live in Canada. We make time to see our families of course, but friends we have to pick and choose and when we don't get to see certain ones, they complain. Well, I love that we are so well loved by people, but it makes it a miserable trip when the "guilt trips" begin. It usually starts when people hear that we are coming and it annoys me to no end.....
So, if we get around to seeing you, count yourselves LUCKY.....if not, maybe the next trip. It is too hard when we have 2 families to see with lots of relatives and still have time for us to relax. Usually, we come home exhausted from our trip because we have been all over the place with no relaxing time. So, this trip, I plan to RELAX and I plan to take my son ICE SKATING!!!!

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missyg said...

I so know that feeling of going home and everyone thinks they need to be the number one person to be seen. There have been times that I go home and tell my parents not to tell anyone so that I can relax and make time for the things I want to see and take my boys down my childhood memory lane. Have fun taking Nathan ice skating!