Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sketch #5 - FINITO!!! Also....Update on TEXAS RETREAT

Okay, so I got excited about this last sketch at Feelin' Scrappy!
Jayne created this sketch!
I used the Basic Grey MELLOW paper pack. I love Basic Grey because all their papers match and I am not so great at matching papers. So, I am caught up for the week but I plan to take the other sketches for the rest of the week to Texas with me because I leave on Wednesday!
Now, I am off to finish my goody bag items for the Texas Retreat and getting some power layouts done for this retreat. Since I am flying out on Wednesday, I know I can't take as much with me - I think there is a 50 pound weight limit. I have my clothes packed already in my laptop carry-on. So, all I need to do is pack a suitcase with scrapbooking stuff. I am going to try to pick all the pages to go with pictures and stuff now so I have less to take with me. I hope it all works out for me!

I have 4 projects to work on this weekend (I hate being bored):

If I get bored, I will work on the Calendar that I promised my mother that I would do for her for Christmas. I am off to start page planning!

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Beth said...

I'll be amazed if you even make a dent in one of those albums. Between all the places you go and all the people you meet and all the eating you do and all the laughs you enjoy, there's just so little time for scrappin'! You'll have an awesome time!