Friday, November 21, 2008


I set up my BLOG to post the blog as I went to the movie!

Here is what I posted on SS about it (there are a bunch of us that are Twilight Obsessed) because I knew that they would want to hear a bit about it:

I WENT TO SEE TWILIGHT TONIGHT!!! I am screaming it from the rooftops!!!

Karen(Kalese), you will DROOL the entire movie!!! I sure as heck did! I told Ben that I was going to go see Twilight and he said "ok"....I flew out the door and didn't look back! I was just glad to be going even if I had to go on my own because nobody near me wants to see it! Their loss man! Their loss!

It was so good! I was glad I went now! It was PACKED OUT!!!! There were teenagers everywhere and mothers with their daughters! Even guys were there to see it! People left the theatre talking about it and what they thought. Some were even saying they wanted the soundtrack! I have it already and it totally FITS the movie!!!This weekend shows are really full too - Friday's 7:15 is closed! Can you believe it?!!

NOW - I have GOT to share!!! Rob Pattinson - remember how some people thought that he wasn't the right choice? O.M.G.!!!! Can I tell you that they chose the EXACTLY PERFECT PERSON?!?!?!?! YES! I AM YELLING!

Okay, the kissing scene where he leans in and says "I just want to try one thing...." in the previews? I have to tell you that I held my breath! Holy crap what a scene! You have GOT to go see this movie!!! I mean - it was mouth watering girls!!! Especially that particular scene.....

Okay, now for the soundtrack people....I am a total music freak and when I watch a movie - some of the songs jump at me as I watch and this is what I noticed the most:The first song on the CD by Muse - Supermassive Black Hole - it is during the baseball sceneThe first song by Rob Pattinson - Never Think- I believe Track 10 is when they are in the restaurant and they are talking. Bella's Lullaby he actually plays on the piano in the Cullen House - very cool!The second Rob Pattinson song - is played near the end of the movie....I believe it is when they are trying to save her....

I absolutely LOVED the baseball scene when they to watch and kinda cool how they did it. EXCELLENT! Emmett - DUDE is completely HOT! If you didn't like Rosalie in the book - you will really not like her much in the movie....but it isn't like you were seeing it for her anyway right?

When Carlisle walks into the room - everyone gasped in the theatre - he is STUNNING...I know it is Peter Facinelli, but WOW! My jaw dropped! OMG! There are so many awesome scenes, but I have to admit that the kissing scene made me completely lose all thoughts! You will too I promise!

Now, get out there and see that darned movie already! We NEED to discuss this!!I need to know what all of you thought! I am considering driving into Macon tomorrow morning to watch it at the 11:05 viewing that is how into this movie I am!!!Seriously now, it wasn't totally what I expected but I am sure they had to pare it down a little.....but the way they did it was awesome! I liked it a lot! I was curious how they would compress the movie into 2 hours with so much going on! But the ending - totally leaves for sequels! Very impressive! So...tell me what YOU thought as you were sitting there drooling girls!!!

We'll see what the girls post tomorrow...until then, I am off to bed with my thoughts to keep me dreaming.......

Afterall, it is TWILIGHT.....THE BEST TIME FOR "US"

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Char said...

I am so glad you enjoyed it because the reviews have been horrible. I have just started reading the book so I will wait to see it.
So glad you liked it! Now I wanna go read!