Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gratitude - November 15th

I am grateful for Ben still having a job!
Friday, Ben's boss (in Canada) was escorted out and no longer works at Arriscraft. Earlier in the week, the Assistant Plant Manager (here in GA) was escorted out and no longer works for the GA Plant. Ben has been in 2 meetings with the Plant Manager where they have told them that these people do not work for Arriscraft anymore.....
I am on pins and needles. I know that General Shale has plants closing all over, but I am scared! It is almost the Christmas Season - people losing their jobs right now will not have a very good Christmas. How can they when they have no money coming in. I pray that he continues to have a job. Christmas will be difficult without a job and travelling to Canada will not happen. He plans to do his best to keep it too. But if they want him gone, it will happen regardless. But right now, we are being positive. I am just scared but trying to be strong!

So, right now, I am grateful that Ben has a job.

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