Thursday, September 11, 2008


Okay, so we have had some issues with Nathan adjusting to school. Pre-K has been tough!

Nathan is a "routine" kind of guy and I decided after watching this one episode of NANNY 911, that I was NOT going to have my son grow up to be like these two kids on this episode.
I took every toy out of his room (except the stuffies he sleeps with and the books) and changed our routines in the morning and evening.

We are now having a bath or a swim every night and then reading several books per night together. Then we pick out what he is going to wear the next day and set it out. In the morning, when he wakes up, he dresses himself and then heads out to meet me. I make him oatmeal in the morning and while he eats his oatmeal, I make his lunch. When he is done his oatmeal, we read from his Beginner Bible and some other story books and then we leave the house by 8:05am. We drive up, park and I walk him into his class.

I have tried this for the past 3 days and he has had SMILEY FACES for the past 3 days! Luckily, his teacher has been fabulous and understanding. On Wednesday, he needed NO REDIRECTION and she made a HUGE fuss over his success. He was so proud!!! She even took him up to the office to show the principal that he is having a great day!!! So, I am hoping that by praising his GOOD days, we will have daily success! Thank GOD for Holly Brady!!! She is awesome!!! I am so lucky to have her as Nathan's teacher!!!

Now, I am off to give the monkey a bath and get to reading some books! I am one proud mummy! Maybe less is more in my son's case! Maybe NOT having all those toys and having just the simple books, crayons and colouring books is what it takes. Now, one other thing I forgot to mention - SPIDERMAN STICKERS!!! He gets 4 stickers if he gets a happy face!!! REWARD!!!!! :)

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CloverGirl said...

YAY for Nathan. That's just great. I'm glad he's turned things around and is proud of his own success.