Thursday, September 4, 2008

Going Digital - Screwed up my plans!!!

So, I am planning the Skyline retreat for the fall and I pulled all the names for the Secret Sisters and handed them out......

Come to find out that MY secret sister is getting into the digital scrapbooking and is no longer doing the paper sorts of scrapping. I am sure she will use up her supplies, but is not doing any more purchasing of paper, embellishments, stickers, and other fun "scrap crap" (as Ben calls it).
So - what does a sister get a sister when they go digital????

I decided to ALTER a special something for her and I will take a picture of it and post it AFTER the Skyline retreat in October..... I can say that it is painted BABY BLUE and altered in Chocolate and baby blue paper. I also plan to pick up a 12x12 Digital Christmas Kit from CM for her too.

You know from previous posts on here and on ScrapShare, that I have somehow lost my MOJO, but I still have part of my MOJO for altering things! So that is a good thing!!! I hope my secret sister likes the gifts I get her!!!

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Bev in OH said...

BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If you've altered something for your SS, I'm absolutely POSITIVE she will LOVE it! Your work is AMAZING! ::blows kisses::