Saturday, September 20, 2008


FLORIDA - Sept. 26-28
I am working on my list of what to bring to the retreat in Florida next weekend. I am looking forward to it so much! Amy and I are driving down together on Friday morning after we drop Nathan off! I am SO excited! I haven't seen my Florida Sisters since May and I am really looking forward to a weekend where I am not expected to do anything except scrapbook!!!
Now, to just figure out what projects to take with me! HA! Amy and I are going to have a great ride down to Florida! 5 hours in the car with two complete extroverts! WOOHOO!!!

SKYLINE - Oct. 23-26
I am done my goody bag items and they are all put in their baggies. I have to label them and I am good to go for this retreat. I have posted about sizes of shirts and those will be ordered on Monday. I am still waiting for some 8x8's from people, but that is something I may have to do up at Skyline (which I said I was not going to do!). I am excited about this retreat and I am excited about all of the people I will get to meet and hang out with for the weekend!

TEXAS - Nov. 5-9
Now, this retreat is paid for already, I am working on my goody bag items for this retreat. Texas is a place I have never been before and I am a little apprehensive about flying on my own (well Nancy and I are flying together, but without my FAMILY), meeting a bunch of girls from ScrapShare that I have never met, travelling and relying on people, I do not know, to get me to and from the airport! APPREHENSIVE!!!! I am happy that I got "in" to go to the Texas Retreat and I get to meet the girls that I would not normally get to meet. It was a total fluke that I got in.
As you can see, I have a lot to look forward to! Now, to get working on what to pack to work on at the retreat in Florida next weekend!!!

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Lee said...

You better get crackin' there, Missy. Lots of fun stuff coming up for you! Have a great time and think of me ... in a rink ;)